Webinar recording: How BPM Connects the ‘Internet of Enterprise Things’ Using Effektif

In this recorded webinar, Tom Baeyens envisions a world in which every employee can connect the ‘things’ that live in enterprise software applications with the people’s workflow.

He explains how you can build approval workflows, route documents through an organization and monitor potential bottlenecks easily and effectively. Tom also demonstrates how this works in real life, using his brand-new solution Effektif.

Webinar recording details
Speaker: Tom Baeyens, CEO at Effektif
Recorded on: June 5, 2014
Duration: 45 min.
File Size: 42MB (.wmv format)

About the presenter
Tom Baeyens is a long-time BPM veteran and founder of successful open source projects jBPM and Activiti; two projects that represent a large  portion of currently running process engines in the world. To date, Tom is CEO of Effektif.

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