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Web and Flo (www.webandflo.com)


Solution description:

Professional Workflow Solution Platform

  • Kontinuum has a web based, multi-lingual capability which makes it readily distributable across the geographical spread of business without requiring additional software.
  • Extensible reporting tools and real time views to manage resources, monitor business activity, control business processes and ensure service levels are met.
  • Real time task lists, alerts when events have occurred, process history, exception reports and customised searching for records and documents.
  • Provides both a functionally rich Design Studio that allows the creation of workflows, and the end user environment.
  • More than 10 years of development and evolution,is sophisticated, technologically contemporary and mature.
  • We conduct an initial in-depth analysis of your company’s workflow processes, so our specialists can learn and analyse your procedures.
  • Recommendations can then be made for a customized business solution – one that’s just right for your company.




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