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Pioneer and innovator in people and process optimization

Thinkflow is a software company that is passionate about helping people and companies do more with technology. We are leaders in process management and our understanding of process automation, transformation and improvement comes with over 2 decades of experience advising Fortune 100 companies on process related challenges.

Thinkflow BPM is a robust and powerful BPM software platform that allows organizations to automate and manage business processes intelligently. Thinkflow’s business process management platform helps businesses achieve greater operational efficiencies through continuous process improvement.

With features like process designer, workflow engine, reports manager, forms engine and business rules engine; Thinkflow BPM enables users to design, automate and monitor performance of business processes real-time and also provides business users the flexibility to make necessary changes to the processes to suit the business requirements.

Thinkflow BPM integrates out-of-the-box with various Microsoft Technologies like SharePoint, Office and Dynamics allowing users to leverage on Microsoft investments and improve collaboration between different business applications in an organization.

Thinkflow BPM can either be hosted on-premise or on-cloud to suit the business requirements of the organization. Thinkflow BPM can be deployed on Microsoft Azure platform with 99.95% availability, automatic fail-over/load balancing capabilities. The cloud version of Thinkflow BPM platform allows businesses to start small with low-start up costs and scale as per the business requirements.




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