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Tallyfy (www.tallyfy.com)


Solution description:

Track hundreds of processes in one place


Managers love making flowcharts – but nobody follows them. Despite this, companies still spend billions of dollars documenting their business processes using flowcharts.

Tallyfy eliminates flowcharts and focuses on enabling anyone to DO and TRACK any process in the easiest possible way.

It enables you to track the status of many processes going on at the same time – within a real-time dashboard. Examples of repeatable processes include client onboarding, guided sales and compliance checks – which need to be done on time, consistently and without mistakes.

We collect valuable data about the effectiveness and efficiency of processes. This allows our customers to improve their processes using real data from user activity that is impossible or difficult to collect via email, spreadsheets or paper-based recording.

Over 3 billion people know and use chat apps every day. We find it amazing that business processes are still done using painful flowcharts, email and forms. We aim to change all that – by making it incredibly easy to do a multi-step workflow within a chat-like experience.



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