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How Low-Code Technology Accelerates Digital Transformation

Many digital transformation leaders find themselves in a painful and challenging situation. On one hand, ever-growing customer expectations and market pace force companies to move faster and respond to the changes more readily. On the other, organizations’ ability to get … read more

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4 Reasons to choose a Low Code Application Development Platform

In today’s fast-paced markets, everyone wants products developed at supersonic speeds. The competition in the market is so high that businesses are vying with each other to deliver faster results. This demand for quick and efficient solutions has led to … read more

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The Process of Processes

Let’s start with one simple definition: A business process is a series of steps performed by a group of stakeholders to achieve a concrete goal. Ok, if the series of steps are repeatable and standardized (sort of), then it sounds … read more

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7 Key Steps for Automating Document Workflows

First of all, document workflows are “an orchestrated and repeatable pattern of business activities enabled by the systematic organization of resources into processes that transform materials, provide services, or process information”. Every organization uses document workflows to complete daily tasks. … read more

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First BPM Implementation: Pick your Battles

BPM Strategy

How to pick your battle? One of the success factors in a BPM implementation is knowing how to pick which workflow to automate. There are two different views on how to approach this topic: one side likes to tackle the … read more

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Competition War with Sun Tzu and Michael Porter

According to contemporary strategic management, the main objective of a company is to improve long-term performance and need to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage. Let’s examine the competition between Michael Porter who is one of the best specialists about competition, and … read more

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Evolving Business Processes and Workflow Software Flexibility

Businesses and their processes continually evolve, and it’s a shame when the tools and applications they’ve invested heavily in can’t evolve along with them. Most workflow software have standard frameworks that managers can tweak here and there to align with … read more

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Core vs. Advanced Features in Workflow Software

When shopping around for workflow software, it’s important to be aware of the vast range of products on the market. Especially if it’s your first time researching a workflow solution for your company, you should have a concept of what … read more

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Success with job shop operations (Part II) – How to collect data at workflow steps

Welcome to part II of a blog series on success with Job Shop Operations. Given an environment capable of providing workflow scheduling facilities (RALB), we can move on to data collection (i.e. monitoring). The purpose of collecting data at workflow … read more

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BPM: Your Next Move as a Manager. Take a Leap of Faith…

BPM can no longer be ignored. In today’s economic climate, companies demand higher productivity, better control of costs, improved risk management and minimized time to market to cope with frequent market changes and increased competitive pressure. To deliver continous business … read more

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