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Messy processes – Messy customer experiences?

messy process office

Yeah, I am sure you have heard it at least once in your life: “Sorry, it is against our policy”. Lately I have head too many times “It is against regulations”. How is it against regulations when others are doing it? Nah, it is just a easy escape from offering bad customer experiences. How many companies actually mix bad internal processes with regulations? Quite many it seems! Continue reading read more

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The Secret Life of Garbage

I was recently sent a fantastic infographic called “The Secret Life of Garbage” which explains what happens in the end to end process of garbage collection, recycling and disposal. I’ve embedded the infographic below. Co-incidentally I’ve just finished an assignment … read more

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Revisiting Waste in Lean and Six Sigma From a Customer-Oriented Perspective

It is obvious that in today’s marketplace, every organization must become more efficient. In a Lean and Six Sigma world this means eliminating waste, which will assume one of these forms: Overproduction and Inventory: Both old and new organizations easily … read more

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Can You Get a Process Right The First Time?

Peter Schooff of ebizQ posed this question: “Is it impossible to get a process right the first time?”   My Thoughts… I am convinced that it is impossible. I have been involved in the analysis portion of both BPM and … read more

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Lean: the bigger picture

“BPM is a fantastic basis for business optimization and improvement”. Right now I am involved in a Lean program that helps the organization to be more customer focused and improve operational excellence. As said before, BPM focusses on the business … read more

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