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The Value of Process Understanding

Angelica Wurth posted – What is the value of understanding your processes? This question is not often asked by business managers, aka process owners. People don’t go around thinking about the value of their processes, but they should. Process is … read more

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Focus on the Customer

‘Make the customer the hero of your story’ – Ann Handley, Chief Content Officer, Marketing Profs. Have you looked at your business from your customer’s point of view?  Do you measure and monitor how well you deliver what your customer … read more

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Starting BPM – Think Big

Bonitasoft has put out a good whitepaper for getting started with BPM.  In it they talk about 10 best practices.  They do point out that the goal of managing your business processes is to optimize efficiency and improve profitability. I … read more

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Driving the Organization through Business Process Frameworks

Integrating business process management into an organization can take various approaches and appeal to different perspectives throughout an organization.  Unfortunately, organizations are either too loose or too rigid from how they apply process principles to sustainably drive business performance and … read more

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