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Involving End Users in Big Change


In its Agenda Overview for Business Process Management, 2015, Gartner makes it clear that the primary challenge businesses face today is their ability to cope with and achieve Big Change. Business disruption is a constant reality, and organizational change agents … read more

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Process vs Data Driven UI: Both require exquisite UX

There is a prevalent concept in BPM UI that you can either have data driven, or process driven User Interfaces. When engaging with customers I hear the following types of comments all the time: “ we don’t really have a … read more

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BPM in Health Care – Cut Costs While Improving Experience

BPM Streamlines Health Care Appeals and Grievances by 30% Each day I learn a new reason for BPM. Take the project at Touchstone Health (White Plains, New York, USA), a $200M Health Plan/Insurance provider that serves roughly 20,000 members. Members (people … read more

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How do We Deliver Consumer-style Experience while Optimizing Process?

Its been a while now since I have last posted about BPM and User Experience. Over the past 5 months, I have been busy helping customers around the world optimize their business processes while at the same time ensuring that … read more

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7 Ways to Build Customer Satisfaction into Your Business Process

Managing customer expectations and providing great customer service are very important nowadays. To be able to do that, you should build customer satisfaction into your business processes. Traditionally, organizations measure customer satisfaction once per year, long after service has been … read more

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Avoiding Cowboy Code: BPM has a Place In Agile Software Development

Regardless of the industry, it is essential that Senior IT executives achieve speed to market with quality, functional, easy to use applications.  To add pressure to this objective, IT organizations must keep pace as the e-commerce world continuously accelerates, or … read more

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6-Sigma and DMAIC from the Customer’s Viewpoint

The goal of 6-Sigma is to achieve consistent, reliable, repeatable performance in areas that affect effectiveness and efficiency. Effectiveness measures meeting the customer’s needs or wants and efficiency measures the cost of meeting customer needs or wants.  Let’s go through … read more

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7 Tips for Improving Customer Experience through Changing Processes

Would you like to create better customer experience for your organization’s customers by changing your business processes? Here are seven ideas what you could do to take your customer experience to the next level: Make a connection with your customers: … read more

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Do Not Underestimated the Wow Effect of BPM!

wow effect of BPM

I have been working on a huge Business Process Management project for some time – selling the project has been a major task. For some time I have wondered how to make this sell so that all would understand – … read more

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Disruptive User Experience: Being a BPM Thought Leader (part 2)

“The conscious purpose of science is control of nature; its unconscious effect is disruption and chaos.”  – William Irwin Thompson. As promised, Part 2 of this article is meant to discuss several strategies about how to effectively manage disruption when … read more

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