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A systemic Business Process Model for Public Administration (1)

This article is the summary of my MBA thesis with the subject  “DEVELOPMENT OF A SYSTEMIC MODEL FOR PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION, BASED IN PROCESS MANAGEMENT AND INTENSIVE USE OF THE TECHNOLOGY” I presented the thesis at the University of Southern Florida … read more

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BPM – Taking a Systems View

I have been known to say that a company is a collection of processes. However, the combined processes are also part of a system. One process can affect another or others. Applying an 80/20 rule, 20% of your processes will … read more

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Do Not Underestimated the Wow Effect of BPM!

wow effect of BPM

I have been working on a huge Business Process Management project for some time – selling the project has been a major task. For some time I have wondered how to make this sell so that all would understand – … read more

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If a tree falls… a comparison to BPM

tree - BPM Leader

If a tree falls in the middle of the forest and no one is around, will it make a noise? The obvious and first answer is of course, it will swoosh as it falls, the wood will crack and pop … read more

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BPM System Architecture (part 2)

In my previous blog post, I wrote about Process Data versus Business Data and the importance of background recovery processes. In part 2 of this blog, I will go into more detail on BPM Portals, Versioning and Exception Handling in … read more

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BPM System Architecture

The BPM System Architecture is the workhorse of an organization’s BPM vision to fulfill its strategic BPM needs and objectives. This article aims to provide insights into the BPM System Architecture and how it should be devised and evolved to fully … read more

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