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What is the real indicator of success of a BPM program?

A lot is being said and written about why one should adopt BPM in an organization. The larger intent and reasons to implement BPM in an organization is fairly well-understood. There are umpteen reasons for why a BPM program should … read more

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Make your BPM Initiative a Success!

The key elements for any business are: man, material, machine and money. But how do we make these elements more efficient and keep them intact to achieve desire goals? The business goals might be increasing productivity, reducing cost, increasing profitability, … read more

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8 Tips to Increase Your Odds of BPM Success

Over the years, I have spoken with many companies implementing BPM solutions.  I asked them what contributed to their success.  What follows is a list of things that worked for them: Champion– Identify a champion for this project.  The champion … read more

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How to Avoid Poor User Adoption of BPM Projects

I can’t stress enough how important user adoption is…   It can take as little as one unhappy person to kill a project like this.  They can poison other users and it can get out of control. Some things you … read more

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How to reward people for the right things in BPM?

Do you have an employee reward model in your organization? Have you ever thought, who has designed it and for what purpose? Sometimes HR people design the reward model to keep people committed to the organization. In some organizations, management … read more

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