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A Kite with a Broken String – The Balanced Scorecard

How do executives expect to realize their strategic objectives if all they look at is financial results like product profit margins, return on equity, earnings and interest before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization (EBITDA), cash flow, and other financial results? … read more

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Three Key Factors to Achieve Process Excellence

One huge obstacle for achieving process excellence is working in traditional, functional specialist siloes. This article explains what are the three key factors for bringing those functional siloes together to advance process excellence. This article is based on experience acquired … read more

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How to Define Your BPM Requirements

BPM isn’t just about software; it is about transforming your business. Before you can make any kind of software purchase decision, you need to understand how you ‘want’ to do business. Changes to your processes or new formal processes will transform your … read more

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Human Resources – Role Conflict

Is HR bringing the right value to your organization?  For the final blog in this series, I’ve saved the best for last – a discussion of HR’s role, and I’d really love for every HR professional who reads this to … read more

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On-Boarding Process for New Employees

How can you measure “success” for an onboarding process? In the white paper I recently co-authored with BonitaSoft, I talked about one of the responsibilities I had in my first HR job. This was to conduct New Hire Orientation (NHO) … read more

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Talent Acquisition: How Can We Do a Better Job?

Acquiring the right talent to bring to your organization and using hiring measurements that make sense to the business I’ve seen some interesting web articles lately regarding improving the skill of talent acquisition. What was especially intriguing was that the … read more

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How to Align Business Strategy to Process Excellence

You may have come across the saying by Dwight David Eisenhower, which reminds us that it is not only necessary to do the right thing, but to do it in the right way also. By aligning the process excellence to … read more

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Customer Satisfaction vs. Metrics: Measuring HR Excellence

Measuring results that show HR’s impact on the business   Putting together a case for implementing or upgrading a Human Resource Information System (including any type of process automation) must start with understanding the value and ROI that HR brings … read more

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Lean is sub-optimizing without Business Process Management!

A successful career will no longer be about promotion. It will be about mastery [Michael Hammer] At the risk of getting even more ‘unwanted’ in certain Lean communities, I am writing a follow up on the blog Lean vs. Business … read more

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Lean vs. Business Process Management – This Means War!

If it doesn´t make three people angry it isn’t a process!!  [Michael Hammer]   I have wanted to write this story for some years – it is about the problems when Lean and Business Process Management clash together in large … read more

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