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Business Process Improvement

Dick Lee, Founder & Principal, High-Yield Methods posed this question in a LinkedIn Group called Business Process Improvement – Is Process One Part or Two? What are the advantages and disadvantages of splitting process into two components: 1) The flow … read more

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8 Steps for Adjusting the Pace of Implementation

Could Infants Reach the Summit of K2? Large ICT and implementation projects require large amounts of resources and are often associated with a high risk of failure. Their level of complication is most often considered to be the cause of this … read more

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5 Steps on the Path to Success with BPM

  A Business Owner has a problem and asks for a solution…  There are 4 main parts to a BPM project: Analysis, Design, Construction and Implementation.  The Analysis portion is the most critical.  If a solution is designed, constructed and implemented that … read more

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