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Can BPM contribute to the Digital Journey?

While we continue to listen and talk about Digital being a key differentiator for organizations and organizations continuing to invest in Digital, the clarity is lacking even among the practitioners. For many of the client organizations, while some people know … read more

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Social Customer Engagement Experience

We used to do BPM implementations to drive efficiency and consistency by automating standard repeatable processes, we were always trying to reduce application turnaround time, reduce operating cost. But only the most agile enterprise stands a chance in today’s constantly-changing business environment. The … read more

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Enabling Social BPM through APIs

Enterprise 2.0 itself is a popular term that captures the use of lightly structured social environments to collaborate and capture knowledge in a discoverable, reusable way. Typically, these tools are highly social and they’re free-format, so that they can adapt … read more

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Is BPM failing?

Large companies have invested billions in software, in process excellence teams and in consulting to realize the dream of the process driven company. After storing thousands of complex process diagrams in databases it is time to stop and think. What … read more

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Social BPM: The Watercooler Just Got Cooler

I never quite got social BPM. “It’s like facebook but for corporations” the BPMS marketing departments screamed! “It will change the way we do business” they cried! The success of social media is primarily that it’s fun and easy. We get … read more

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Deep flows the River between Social and Business…

It’s been quite a while since the world has been gripped by the Social Media fever . However, as is the case with any new concept that catches the masses by their eyeballs and wallets, social media too has turned … read more

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Do Social and Mobile need Strong Processes?

Social Media and BPM

While we will all agree that Social and Mobile customer engagements are all the rage, I would argue that few of these are integrated onto the processes that matter to the customer experience they are supposed to enhance. Many of … read more

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Inside the Process Multiverse

Multiverse Process - BPM Leader

As a child growing up in the UAE, I remember a distant relative visiting us and educating my dad about sending money home to his parents in India through him and his “contacts” and that dad would get a better … read more

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