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Increase Productivity and Employee Satisfaction Using Six Sigma

Six Sigma principles and strategies have been used for years, but some business owners are just beginning to see the benefits of using these tools. One of the biggest benefits of Six Sigma is increased productivity. Increasing productivity is one … read more

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Why BPM and Lean Six Sigma Lead to Process Automation

Human and Paper-based Workflows Create Process Friction   Organizations often work with antiquated, paper-based processes that do not follow standards or capture performance metrics. As a result, process inefficiencies develop over time and managers have neither the visibility to identify them nor … read more

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BPM and What We Can Learn From Medical X-Rays

Recently, I had to go and see a doctor due to some problems with the ankle joint. The family doctor interviewed me and advised me to go to a hospital where they made some tests, but still no correct diagnosis. … read more

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Lean or Six Sigma: Which is Best?

Lean Management (Lean) and Six Sigma are getting more and more popular. These methods were developed in the industry, but have proven to be very powerful for service organizations as well. They use the approaches and instruments to systematically work … read more

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4 Essentials for Building a Lean Culture

Lean organizational culture helps manufacturing organizations to stay on track with Lean in the long run. The Lean culture is critical for sustainability; and to change it, you have to change your management system. If you stop following through Lean … read more

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What does Billy Joel have to do with BPM?

“Get is right the first time That’s the main thing I can’t afford to let it pass Get is right the next time That’s not the same thing Gonna make the first time last” (Billy Joel, Get It Right the … read more

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BPM in Aerospace and Defense

From Aerospace & Defense Manufacturing 2012… “Aerospace and Defense companies are turning to internal process improvements to combat current market pressures. Although this industry has traditionally enjoyed a resilience to economic volatility, a recent slowdown in DoD spending is forcing A&D … read more

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Revisiting Waste in Lean and Six Sigma From a Customer-Oriented Perspective

It is obvious that in today’s marketplace, every organization must become more efficient. In a Lean and Six Sigma world this means eliminating waste, which will assume one of these forms: Overproduction and Inventory: Both old and new organizations easily … read more

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6-Sigma and DMAIC from the Customer’s Viewpoint

The goal of 6-Sigma is to achieve consistent, reliable, repeatable performance in areas that affect effectiveness and efficiency. Effectiveness measures meeting the customer’s needs or wants and efficiency measures the cost of meeting customer needs or wants.  Let’s go through … read more

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Outsourcing Cartoon of the Week: 6-Sigma

BPM Leader - pencil

Every week a new outsourcing cartoon. This week: 6-Sigma. Sometimes hard negotiations get you the best price, but cost you in other ways. This week’s installment is to demonstrate that there are always fall-backs when things don’t work out in … read more

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