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Kick the Complexities Out of BPM

Organizations need BPM software that easily creates automated processes that fit their business. What they often get is an overflowing, ugly product that has a bad case of feature creep. Then the organization must fit its processes to the software. … read more

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Three Reasons For Running Business Processes In The Cloud

BPM + BPO + Cloud = BPaaS No business person really cares about technology except insofar as that technology helps get the job done. But there’s one technology that’s different. Unlike most or all other technologies, BPM software technology directly … read more

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Can BPM and COTS/SAAS Software Coexist?

In today’s climate of budget cuts and doing more with less, use of packaged software COTS (Commercial Off the Shelf) and SAAS (Software as a Service) are key components of IT strategy. These solutions provide niche solutions and are used … read more

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