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BPM is about Cost Savings…

…Or is it? From BPM.com – This week at AppianWorld… One of the first sessions was by CME Group, the world’s largest derivatives market place who manages more than “$1 Quadrillion” in annual transaction volume… CME runs its business on BPM. To … read more

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Justifying Your BPM Expenditures

Your BPM project must justify its price either by cutting costs or increasing revenue. This is about your return on investment (ROI).  If the ROI isn’t there, then you won’t get funding for another project.   Cutting Costs On any … read more

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BPM versus ROI

There are many advantages of using Business Process Management (BPM) over a Return On Investment (ROI) methodology, as using a BPM solution allows companies to focus their business systems with the customer in mind. When a business is using a … read more

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We have BPM and we still use paper? Really?

According to recent AIIM Report – ‘Winning the Paper Wars’, 74% of companies have business improvement campaigns that would benefit from paperless initiatives, but only 24% of those have a specific policy to ‘drive paper out of business’. In the … read more

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Selling BPM Projects from “the bottom up”

Speaking to the C-Suite about BPM   What’s at the top of the C-level agenda and how does BPM added-value align to strategic vision? There have always been a number of ways to manage processes in organizations: the tried-and-true mix … read more

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Beyond ROI: Leveraging Process Architecture for Project Funding Prioritization

An environment of increased competition demands differentiation from your competitors. To win over customers, firms have to show that they can get their products and services to the end user in a manner that is faster, less costly, and of … read more

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Why do BPM projects fail?

failing BPM projects

In my journey in the world of BPM over the past several years, I have seen many BPM projects fail. And today as I analyze the cause for these failures, a few unexpected ones stand-out… But before I get into … read more

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