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Retail Banking Process Series – # 5 Mortgage Request and Approval (short Mortgage Process)

Mortgage processes are by far the most complex specimen of the retail banking BPM solution family. These processes can amass more than a thousand variables, dozens of automated legal documents and also several sub-processes. Covering most of the possible ramification … read more

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Retail Banking Process Series – # 4 Car Loan Request and Approval

Car loan processes, the third entry to the retail process type series that we are summarizing, preserves many similarities to automated personal loan processes – one will encounter features such as an initial quote generation, credit evaluation and approval sequences. … read more

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Retail Banking Process Series (Part 2)

The processes shown in our retail banking series reflect the scenario of BPM implementations being mission critical, all encompassing, end-to-end, complex GUI driven solutions that cover the entire sales cycle and which are heavily (core and legacy system) integrated. Process … read more

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