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Advice to Organizations: Know Your Processes

Question: “Why should we spend time and money to model our processes? If it ain’t broke don’t fix it!” These are some of the questions and comments that we as Process Analysts get to hear a lot. The answer is very … read more

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How to Test the Pulse of your Processes and See if they are Still Alive!

Many processes are like zombies. They wake up in the morning, brush their teeth, take the train ride to work and start working. For four hours they check their emails, put of fires and curse the work they do. Then, … read more

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Spice up the life with weekly process leadership learning

A new book called “You Think You Are Doing Well? Become a Winner With Customer-Centric Process Leadership!” has been published to help you to develop both your personal leadership and business process management skills with each passing week. Even though … read more

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What is Process Excellence (video)

A short video I created about what Process Excellence is:  

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How To Harness the Power of Process Innovation

Process innovation is very important in any organisation, because it is the way everything is produced from products and services to customer experience. Organisations should do more systematic process innovation to get the benefits that are available. To make process … read more

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BPM – Taking a Systems View

I have been known to say that a company is a collection of processes. However, the combined processes are also part of a system. One process can affect another or others. Applying an 80/20 rule, 20% of your processes will … read more

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BPM Requires a Long Term Strategy

What is your plan for Business Process Management? BPM plans can be as simple as managing a single business process or as complex as managing all of your company’s processes or anywhere in between. I contend that you would not … read more

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Avoiding Cowboy Code: BPM has a Place In Agile Software Development

Regardless of the industry, it is essential that Senior IT executives achieve speed to market with quality, functional, easy to use applications.  To add pressure to this objective, IT organizations must keep pace as the e-commerce world continuously accelerates, or … read more

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Education and BPM

From Allan C. Brownfeld • The Inherent Inefficiency of Government Bureaucracy There are few who will disagree with the fact that, in recent years, the governmental bureaucracy has grown dramatically while its effi­ciency has deteriorated in an equal­ly dramatic manner.   Let’s look … read more

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Two Common BPM Project Planning Patterns

When crunched for time, be it on a project, or trying to get to your next meeting, or preparing a RFP that is due soon, the tendency is to find shortcuts or whole-cuts, anything that will help reach that deadline. … read more

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