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Business Process is Dead: Long Live Customer Journeys!

Over the past year it has become increasingly noticeable that organisations no longer wish to talk about Business Process. It’s too inward focused, too biased toward internal activities and too reliant on driving operational efficiency with little regard for customer … read more

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Process Improvement Process

The benefits of business process management There are many benefits to managing your business processes.  The benefits may differ from company to company, but they are very real. The University of San Francisco posted a blog that identifies some important … read more

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Evolving Business Processes and Workflow Software Flexibility

Businesses and their processes continually evolve, and it’s a shame when the tools and applications they’ve invested heavily in can’t evolve along with them. Most workflow software have standard frameworks that managers can tweak here and there to align with … read more

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Knowledge-intensive BPM and Dynamic Process Modeling

In the previous post, titled “Dynamic process modeling (part 2)“, we touched upon the possibility of modeling dynamic processes with the use of BPMN. We demonstrated the performance of one or more iterations of particular tasks or sub-processes modeled within … read more

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Static and Dynamic Processes

The standard, textbook division of processes is to divide them into main (primary) processes, supporting processes, and management processes. This division is a good illustration of the significance that the particular process groups have in business. It enables us to … read more

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Capturing a Process…

Peter Schooff posted this question… What is the best method for capturing business processes? My process for capturing business processes goes something like this. Starting with the person responsible for the business process, I interview them and document the process … read more

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Retail Banking Process Series – # 5 Mortgage Request and Approval (short Mortgage Process)

Mortgage processes are by far the most complex specimen of the retail banking BPM solution family. These processes can amass more than a thousand variables, dozens of automated legal documents and also several sub-processes. Covering most of the possible ramification … read more

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Value Chain Models – The BPM Diamond Cut

The present business and IT ecosystem reached a certain level of intelligence that pushes companies and organizations to become true masters of processes in order to make their way to the top. Besides a company’s business strategy and models, the … read more

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Helping Business Owners Realize the Benefits of BPM

As a BPM professional, you are aware of the benefits that BPM can bring to businesses of all sizes and types. However, many business owners are unaware of what BPM represents, or even that it exists at all. The toughest … read more

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Analysis of Business Processes

For the sake of this discussion, I will lump a Business Process Management [BPM] project into 4 categories – Analysis, Design, Construction and Implementation. It has been my experience that the analysis and design categories usually take up about 75% … read more

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