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What will grow from a BPM system?

tree - BPM Leader

Whether the vision of a tree, on which apples, pears and cherries grow simultaneously would not be a dream come true for farmers? I guess so, but as for now, genetics does not extend that far. Meanwhile, in IT, systems … read more

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3 Reasons why Customer Complaints are Your Friends

We like to see customer complaints as our enemies when in fact they should be our friends. Of course in an ideal world you would not receive any complaints, but until then it is wise to learn from the customers. As they say, what does not kill you, makes you stronger. That is if you learn from all experiences. Continue reading read more

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Mobile Processes: Optimizing the Happy Path

Design from the outside-in. Iterate quickly. Respond in real time. Innovate faster than the competition. In defining the characteristics needed to lead the digital charge, I found myself agreeing with everything Steven Wastie had to say. But it was his … read more

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5 Pitfalls to Avoid in Process Optimization

Process optimization is of all times. As prehistoric hunter-gatherers, we already developed spears, sharpened rocks and other tools to kill animals and grow crops for our daily food supply. The chances for success (i.e. having something to eat) were greatly … read more

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