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Process Glue – Explaining the Benefits of a BPMS

With so many different software products available today it’s often a hard ask to fully explain the benefits of a particular piece of software. But this is where a BPMS (business process management system) is truely unique. Whilst many pieces of … read more

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The Top Six Reasons for Process Improvement Initiatives

This post was originally published on the iDatix Insider’s Blog.   “From little things, good things grow” they say – but when execs sign off on expensive process improvement initiatives (let’s face it, few of them are cheap!) what are … read more

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Process, Learning & The Division of Labour

Process, learning & division of labour

With every piece of new work or indeed any new experience we undertake in our lives we go through a process of learning. We may watch the task, repeat the task, read about the task – there are many different ways … read more

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