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Can 2 plus 2 equal 8? Process Mining and dynamic BPM

Traditional, static process management, in which process executors are expected to accurately execute optimal (ideal) processes prepared by the management, is no longer sufficient in the times of hyper-competition.┬áThere are no ideal processes anymore. The pace and the unpredictability of … read more

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Why Process Mining is Important to BPM

Process mining has gained more significance than ever before due to the nature of business dynamics which changes time to time. An enterprise constantly needs to change its business functioning by looking for opportunities to improve the way its business … read more

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BPM and What We Can Learn From Medical X-Rays

Recently, I had to go and see a doctor due to some problems with the ankle joint. The family doctor interviewed me and advised me to go to a hospital where they made some tests, but still no correct diagnosis. … read more

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Why Use Automated Business Process Discovery (ABPD) ?

ABPD, a strong complement to BPM. According to the analysts, embedding intelligence into business processes is key for the future. Having been in the BPM market for more than ten years and specialized in Automated Business Process Discovery (ABPD) since … read more

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