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Revisiting Waste in Lean and Six Sigma From a Customer-Oriented Perspective

It is obvious that in today’s marketplace, every organization must become more efficient. In a Lean and Six Sigma world this means eliminating waste, which will assume one of these forms: Overproduction and Inventory: Both old and new organizations easily … read more

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What is Keeping the Boardroom Up at Night?

Understanding the Executive Perspective Breaking news…executive leaders typically do not reveal publicly the problems that keep them up at night.  The competitive corporate environment mimics realty TV requiring careful navigation of political, regulatory and cultural constraints.  The ever increasing speed … read more

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Which Snakes Live in Your Process Paradise?

It would be nice, if it were possible to have process improvement initiatives without any problems. However, that is not the world we live in. Process paradise can run into several problems. Watch out for these potential snakes hissing in … read more

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