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Editor’s Pick: Zoho Creator to Automate your Workflows

I recently had the opportunity to speak with members of the Zoho team. Zoho is a software company that aims to deliver “the operating system for business”. They offer a broad range of tools in the areas of Sales & … read more

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Briefing on Effektif: Introducing a new cloud-based business process platform

In March 2013, we already announced the launch of the company Effektif, founded by Tom Baeyens, a long-time BPM veteran and driving force behind open source initiatives jBPM and Activiti. Together with Signavio (www.signavio.com), Tom started Effektif to bring a new … read more

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Three Reasons For Running Business Processes In The Cloud

BPM + BPO + Cloud = BPaaS No business person really cares about technology except insofar as that technology helps get the job done. But there’s one technology that’s different. Unlike most or all other technologies, BPM software technology directly … read more

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