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Messy processes – Messy customer experiences?

messy process office

Yeah, I am sure you have heard it at least once in your life: “Sorry, it is against our policy”. Lately I have head too many times “It is against regulations”. How is it against regulations when others are doing it? Nah, it is just a easy escape from offering bad customer experiences. How many companies actually mix bad internal processes with regulations? Quite many it seems! Continue reading read more

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How to Align Business Strategy to Process Excellence

You may have come across the saying by Dwight David Eisenhower, which reminds us that it is not only necessary to do the right thing, but to do it in the right way also. By aligning the process excellence to … read more

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4 Essentials for Building a Lean Culture

Lean organizational culture helps manufacturing organizations to stay on track with Lean in the long run. The Lean culture is critical for sustainability; and to change it, you have to change your management system. If you stop following through Lean … read more

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Process & The Customer Experience: Taking Your Business “Outside-In”

This post was originally published on the iDatix Insider’s Blog.   As organizations we have become crippled by our internal processes. We’ve become so entwined in what we do day to day we’ve forgotten why we exist–to serve our customer–to give them … read more

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Bysiness Process Management or Business Process Management?

Definition A: Bysiness process management – the process of working really hard without a clear understanding of how the outcomes contribute to the organization or working in an ineffective manner, following directions that don’t make sense and questioning how this … read more

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10 Steps to Achieve “Outside-In” Capability

Synopsis In the previous articles we have reviewed the global business transformation underway and how Advanced BPM is helping notable organizations assert their leadership. In this final article we’ll look at the ingredients of success and ten best practice ‘how … read more

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