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Beyond ROI: Leveraging Process Architecture for Project Funding Prioritization

An environment of increased competition demands differentiation from your competitors. To win over customers, firms have to show that they can get their products and services to the end user in a manner that is faster, less costly, and of … read more

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20 Buzzwords Associated with BPM

Over the last few weeks, I had the opportunity to go through the web sites of several BPM product vendors, BPM Solution Providers, BPM Consulting Companies and BPM Third party vendors… After a point, I was left wondering if there … read more

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Lean: the bigger picture

“BPM is a fantastic basis for business optimization and improvement”. Right now I am involved in a Lean program that helps the organization to be more customer focused and improve operational excellence. As said before, BPM focusses on the business … read more

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Why you should have a BPM COE

COE - BPM Leader

What are your goals for workflow, and or BPM? Singular focused one process and done? Divisional? Group? Enterprise? If you said ‘enterprise’ you must setup a Center of Excellence (COE) A BPM COE is a group that absorbs and promotes … read more

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BPM and ERP: Why Fight a Battle?

ERP and BPM - BPM Leader

Why fight a battle? The only casualty is the customer’s confidence… Common logic tells us this is wrong.   It is quite common hearing business users complain about the ERP deployment (always in rigid and single approaches). Normally, all user demands … read more

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BPM: From Improvement to Excellence to Improvement Again

The main objective of BPM, as model to guide its business process management of a company, is found permanently immersed in a cycle of continuous improvement. When a business process is improved in such a way that it’s no longer … read more

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Endless Process Creativity

For consultants selling creativity to organizations is quite easy, because there is unlimited demand for it. Who would not want to improve their business at any given moment if it means getting more money? But, there are no authorities watching … read more

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Project delivery – A formula for success

Often, project delivery is seen like a lottery and hitting a milestone in the schedule is as rare as an eclipse. Throughout our working lives we participate in, lead and watch or are on the receiving end of projects, small and … read more

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12 Important Questions When Starting BPM Projects

Starting a business process management project and choosing the right BPMS system can be a quite tricky thing to do, especially if your organization does not have experience on it. There are several ways to start BPM projects and there … read more

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BPM and the bigger picture

I’ve been working in the arena of BPM for a while. Coming from a business application background, I always had an undeniable interest in applying (technical) solutions in real life – business – situations. Although I love technical innovation and … read more

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