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To BPM or not to BPM… When “2 out of 3 Ain’t Bad”

Just as Lady Gaga’s fame is seeing a meteoric rise, so too is that of BPM.  Whilst implementing BPM can transform an organization, there are also examples of failed BPM projects or even disasters.  How do you gain clarity around … read more

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BPM: From Improvement to Excellence to Improvement Again

The main objective of BPM, as model to guide its business process management of a company, is found permanently immersed in a cycle of continuous improvement. When a business process is improved in such a way that it’s no longer … read more

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Mobile BPM to Collaborate, Model and Monitor

BPM for mobile processes

Mobile BPM With the explosive growth of the use of mobile devices, it is obvious to question what would be the added value of mobile BPM. The extend to which you can use mobile BPM highly depends on the actual … read more

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