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BPM and Case Management

Case Management - BPM Leader

A lot of discussion can be done on Case Management. For me, Case Management is the dynamics of the system which let the flow go on at run-time. It’s about higher-level coordination, which cannot simply be tracked by a single … read more

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Outsourcing Cartoon of the Week: Stymied

Every week a new outsourcing cartoon. This week: Stymied.   Brought to you by our friends at: www.SourcingSage.com  

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As-Is, TAT and the Delphi Exercise

Every first entrant to the world of BPM encounters 2 key terminologies without fail: As-Is Process and the Turn Around Time (TAT). By defining the As-Is process and identifying the current TAT, we can go ahead and model the To-Be … read more

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What is Most Challenging in BPM Design and Development?

Challenges for BPM Professionals

I am using Cordys as a development tool. I found it’s a challenge to understand a business scenario and design the business process accordingly. I am working as a senior developer in my team and most of the time have … read more

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The real problem of BPM

  Or: How to obtain a process definition ?   Before establishing a business process in a complex organization can be successful, we will have to overcome many obstacles. Especially if our intention is to initiate or adopt a BPM … read more

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Lean Six Sigma: Service versus Industry (part 2)

As mentioned in my previous blog post, the service sector runs about 20 years behind on the industrial sector when it comes to process optimization. To illustrate this, there are a few explanatory symptoms that we see a lot in … read more

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BPM and the bigger picture

I’ve been working in the arena of BPM for a while. Coming from a business application background, I always had an undeniable interest in applying (technical) solutions in real life – business – situations. Although I love technical innovation and … read more

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Five Considerations when Starting BPM

Starting with business process management

Companies start with Business Process Management (BPM) to solve urgent business problems. Problems might include that the throughput time is too long, the process contains errors, or the compliance criteria are not met.   Solve urgent business problems BPM can solve … read more

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Mobile BPM to Collaborate, Model and Monitor

BPM for mobile processes

Mobile BPM With the explosive growth of the use of mobile devices, it is obvious to question what would be the added value of mobile BPM. The extend to which you can use mobile BPM highly depends on the actual … read more

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