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BPM explained to Small and Medium Enterprises

What is BPM really? When we think of BPM or business process management, we often think of ‘expensive’, ‘for large companies’, ‘takes up too much management time’ or ‘we are not ready for that yet’. Is that really what lies … read more

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The BPM elements: Of Charts, Forms and Variables

In the ever evolving and in complexity growing arena of business process management – that sometimes seems to be excessively inflated with acronyms like iBPMS, S-BPM (download the book to S-BPM at Springer Open: link), RW-BPMS (call for papers and … read more

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Enterprise Modeling Space

The Enterprise Modeling Space is a doorway to update and extract abstract enterprise models. It consists of any artifacts i.e Models, Artifacts or Matrix, which can abstract organizational information that can be communicated to wider audience. Even though most of … read more

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Discussion Results: What is the right process size?

We recently had a great discussion about determining the size of a process. You can see it in the BPM Group on Linkedin for the full effect, but I try to summarize the varying views from that discussion here. So … read more

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Processes, Feedback and Management

In the 26th Feb 2013 edition of BPTrends [Harmon 2013], Paul Harmon wrote about the role feedback and group activities play in business processes. In particular, he pointed out an easy to miss and difficult to model common snippet that needs … read more

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Lean vs. Business Process Management – This Means War!

If it doesn´t make three people angry it isn’t a process!!  [Michael Hammer]   I have wanted to write this story for some years – it is about the problems when Lean and Business Process Management clash together in large … read more

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Unscrambling The Process Technology Puzzle…

This post was originally published on the iDatix Insider’s Blog.   Mapping, Modeling, BPM, ACM, ECM, ERP It seems these days if something doesn’t have an acronym then it doesn’t deserve a place in the business world. Over the past 20 … read more

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Do Not Underestimated the Wow Effect of BPM!

wow effect of BPM

I have been working on a huge Business Process Management project for some time – selling the project has been a major task. For some time I have wondered how to make this sell so that all would understand – … read more

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Change Management – a Must-Have for BPM

Leaders who successfully transform businesses do eight things right (and they do them in the right order). John P. Kotter   “Ohh no, not change management – it’s something for the IT guys. It is not necessary when implementing Business Process Management. We’ll … read more

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BPM in the Kitchen

BPM in the kitchen - BPM Leader

One of the primary activities done in the kitchen is cooking. And cooking is a process. In fact, a creative process. Hence, one of the best applications of the principles of BPM is while cooking… In this blog, I have … read more

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