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Can BPM contribute to the Digital Journey?

While we continue to listen and talk about Digital being a key differentiator for organizations and organizations continuing to invest in Digital, the clarity is lacking even among the practitioners. For many of the client organizations, while some people know … read more

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Mobile Devices – the Future of BPM?

Business trips such as delegations or conferences prove the usefulness of mobile devices that allow to remotely get some of daily duties done. However, those are more or less incidental cases. After all, an employee spends most of his time … read more

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Do Social and Mobile need Strong Processes?

Social Media and BPM

While we will all agree that Social and Mobile customer engagements are all the rage, I would argue that few of these are integrated onto the processes that matter to the customer experience they are supposed to enhance. Many of … read more

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Mobile BPM to Collaborate, Model and Monitor

BPM for mobile processes

Mobile BPM With the explosive growth of the use of mobile devices, it is obvious to question what would be the added value of mobile BPM. The extend to which you can use mobile BPM highly depends on the actual … read more

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