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Methodologies for Identifying Business Processes

Your organization is brimming with processes that occur every day. Some of these processes work well and others are plagued by inefficiency. Some are quick and are accomplished without thought, others are long term and involve many people, and may be … read more

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8 Steps for Adjusting the Pace of Implementation

Could Infants Reach the Summit of K2? Large ICT and implementation projects require large amounts of resources and are often associated with a high risk of failure. Their level of complication is most often considered to be the cause of this … read more

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Retail Banking Process Series (part 1)

Introduction Having played an active role in the evolution of BPM as a methodology since 2004 in Panama, Central to South America and the Caribbean, most of our team members have had the unique opportunity of being able to observe … read more

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Follow the Yellow Brick Road to BPM Success

When I was growing up, we had 1 television channel on our black and white TV and during the winter months, the movie “Wizard of Oz” would always run.  Want to take a guess at what we watched every year? … read more

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