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What is the real indicator of success of a BPM program?

A lot is being said and written about why one should adopt BPM in an organization. The larger intent and reasons to implement BPM in an organization is fairly well-understood. There are umpteen reasons for why a BPM program should … read more

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Viable Metrics to Justify a BPM Project

The Association of Business Process Professional’s Business Process Management Book of Knowledge (ABPMP CBOK v2.0) lists the process performance measurement as fundamental element of the BPM practice. Depending on different possible viewpoints within and around the process environment, those measurements … read more

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5 Steps on the Path to Success with BPM

  A Business Owner has a problem and asks for a solution…  There are 4 main parts to a BPM project: Analysis, Design, Construction and Implementation.  The Analysis portion is the most critical.  If a solution is designed, constructed and implemented that … read more

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Using KPIs for Achieving BPM Objectives

When creating new applications, think hard about what KPIs you want to capture to measure success. KPIs can be inserted at the process level and at the forms level. In the process model you can add rules governing deadlines, escalations, … read more

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The Paradox of Productivity Enhancements

One of the issues/claims for the push of BPM-based solutions is the alleged claim that it provides productivity enhancements on two fronts: For the collar worker, because BPM solutions take care of managing the time and the activity flow.  This … read more

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