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BPM: Bridge between Business and IT

Most business solutions are based on technical requirements formulated by business users and translated into code by developers. Unfortunately, it often happens that the code meets the requirements only partly. Yet a successful relationship between business and IT is a … read more

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BPMS – a Key to Effective Shared Services Center

Consolidation is more and more common in organizations with numerous subsidiaries scattered across cities, countries or even continents. The goal is to raise efficiency, lower costs and to get a better grip on business processes. While outsourcing is a one … read more

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DIY Business Process Applications: Wish vs. Reality

Whenever one hears about BPM software (BPMS) these days, particular importance is attached to the early involvement of the business division in the development of a solution. This is understandable – who knows the processes better than the business division? … read more

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The Great Process Debate: Business vs. IT

So we’ve all probably heard the questions, either from direct or indirect customers, either straightforwardly or in a round-about way. Who’s making us do this? How is this benefiting my team? Is BPM even applicable to this project? Is BPM an IT … read more

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BPM follows ERP – are you serious…?


What do you think is the best implementation order of BPM and ERP solutions? Should we implement BPM after a mature ERP implementation? Or should we do both in parallel? The abovementioned question was raised on LinkedIn – in a group called … read more

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Does Your Business Have IT?

Do you have IT? She has IT and he has IT and they have IT, but that guy over there does not have IT. In businesses, some businesses have IT and other businesses say “Shhhhhhhhhhhh”, we don’t have IT. So … read more

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