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Mobile Devices – the Future of BPM?

Business trips such as delegations or conferences prove the usefulness of mobile devices that allow to remotely get some of daily duties done. However, those are more or less incidental cases. After all, an employee spends most of his time … read more

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Six Ways To Process Improvement Success

This post was originally published on the Idatix Insider’s Blog. So you’ve been given the go-ahead on your shiny new business process improvement initiative. The champagne corks have been popped, you given yourself a big pat on the back then suddenly … read more

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Must-Have Roles in BPM for the Interaction between IT and Business

Everybody who has worked with Business Process Management will have heard and used Process Owners as an integrated part of  Business Process Management, but probably only very few will have heard of a not very often used role: IT Process … read more

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The Paradox of Productivity Enhancements

One of the issues/claims for the push of BPM-based solutions is the alleged claim that it provides productivity enhancements on two fronts: For the collar worker, because BPM solutions take care of managing the time and the activity flow.  This … read more

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Is There a Right Time for BPM?

Gary T. Smith responded to my last blog… Process Improvement is a Catch-22 at most companies. When flush, they don’t feel the need; when stressed, they feel they can’t afford the investment. So, while you are correct that companies should “just … read more

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BPM in this Economy

In today’s economy, businesses are facing heavy competition (from all over the world), demanding customers and commoditization of products and services.  All of this is driving down prices and increasing pressure to cut costs.  All departments are being asked to … read more

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The Alignment of Six Sigma and BPM

Introduction Quote – Redesign is for innovating a process, lean is to remove waste from the process and six sigma is a technique to eliminate defects in products and services. – “How Work Gets Done” by Artie Mahal Six Sigma … read more

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BPM: Your Next Move as a Manager. Take a Leap of Faith…

BPM can no longer be ignored. In today’s economic climate, companies demand higher productivity, better control of costs, improved risk management and minimized time to market to cope with frequent market changes and increased competitive pressure. To deliver continous business … read more

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Why you should have a BPM COE

COE - BPM Leader

What are your goals for workflow, and or BPM? Singular focused one process and done? Divisional? Group? Enterprise? If you said ‘enterprise’ you must setup a Center of Excellence (COE) A BPM COE is a group that absorbs and promotes … read more

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BPI with BPM – Made easy!

Based on my BPM implementation experience, there are still many large enterprises that want to measure process performances even before they embark on a full fledged BPM life cycle centric initiative. IT teams often find it difficult to get process … read more

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