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First BPM Implementation: Pick your Battles

BPM Strategy

How to pick your battle? One of the success factors in a BPM implementation is knowing how to pick which workflow to automate. There are two different views on how to approach this topic: one side likes to tackle the … read more

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BPM Project Managers Beware

Business process transformation projects are complicated. Within each BPM project phase (e.g., strategy, innovation, implementation, improvement) there are many moving parts (determining objectives and KPIs, improving and building workflows and data models, adding business rules, designing layouts, integrating systems, procuring hardware, … read more

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The Need to Change the Goal of BPM Implementation

The significance of knowledge (theoretical introduction, if you’re impatient, feel free to skip to the next part) When compared with the industrial economy, BPM implementations in the knowledge economy face much different challenges. This is because in its essence, knowledge … read more

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Improve the People, Not the Process

Process Improvement Isn’t so Hard: It really isn’t difficult. We do it for a living and after a while it becomes second nature. I guess there are only really three or four rules anybody needs to know to improve their … read more

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8 Steps for Adjusting the Pace of Implementation

Could Infants Reach the Summit of K2? Large ICT and implementation projects require large amounts of resources and are often associated with a high risk of failure. Their level of complication is most often considered to be the cause of this … read more

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Why all projects should include BPM and OCM

OCM - change management

Most companies and public sector organizations spend a huge amount of money in projects every year in order to develop their business so that it will work better. The projects vary from internal efficiency boosting projects to customer facing projects. … read more

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