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Involving End Users in Big Change


In its Agenda Overview for Business Process Management, 2015, Gartner makes it clear that the primary challenge businesses face today is their ability to cope with and achieve Big Change. Business disruption is a constant reality, and organizational change agents … read more

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Why Case Management is a Digital Business Hotspot

Business is getting…hotter. With the rapid increase in the rate of change, all businesses are scrambling to keep up. The Gartner prescription for success in these volatile times is a phase shift in focus towards Digital Business. Digital Business, in … read more

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BPM & Daniel Kahneman’s Research on Prospect Theory

I’m sure some of you are familiar with Prospect Theory by the Nobel Prize winner Daniel Kahneman and the profound implications of his work on economics. Prospect Theory is a behavioural economic theory that describes the way people choose between … read more

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Core vs. Advanced Features in Workflow Software

When shopping around for workflow software, it’s important to be aware of the vast range of products on the market. Especially if it’s your first time researching a workflow solution for your company, you should have a concept of what … read more

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Why Would You Invest In BPM?

Gartner published a survey for their 2013 BPM Conference… As with any survey, the questions can shape the results.  They want to know the reasons companies invest in BPM.  So, they put out some ideas: 1)      Increasing enterprise growth 2)      … read more

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