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Build your BPM Strategy, or Fail

BPM Strategy

  Linking strategy to operations – impossible…   The most important abstract in this blog is; Don´t buy a Business Process Management system before you have a strategy for the long run! And I am seriously… An approach without a … read more

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Learning Process: Drawing, Playing, Grieving?

Learning process - BPM Leader

The other day I found an old sketchbook with drawings by me as a kid. Apparently I was drawing processes at the age of 5. They were assembly lines with conveyor belts running from one machine to the next, adding parts to a … read more

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Leveraging Integration to Improve BPM User Experience

BPM offers the promise of streamlining not only a business process, but the way a user experiences that process. If I have to navigate through 10 applications to finish a task,  that is 10 steps that really have nothing to do … read more

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Setting the Bar for BPM User Experience

A common sentiment in the User Experience (UX) field is that the best user experience is one where you dont have to think about it. There is a reason my 2 year old son can use an iPad or iPhone, and … read more

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