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Social Customer Engagement Experience

We used to do BPM implementations to drive efficiency and consistency by automating standard repeatable processes, we were always trying to reduce application turnaround time, reduce operating cost. But only the most agile enterprise stands a chance in today’s constantly-changing business environment. The … read more

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How to Test the Pulse of your Processes and See if they are Still Alive!

Many processes are like zombies. They wake up in the morning, brush their teeth, take the train ride to work and start working. For four hours they check their emails, put of fires and curse the work they do. Then, … read more

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Three Key Factors to Achieve Process Excellence

One huge obstacle for achieving process excellence is working in traditional, functional specialist siloes. This article explains what are the three key factors for bringing those functional siloes together to advance process excellence. This article is based on experience acquired … read more

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BPM and the Customer Experience

10 – 20 years ago, the marketing mantra was ‘happy customers’.  Today, the mantra is ‘ecstatic customers’.   Why the change? A happy customer will not be necessarily looking for other options, but the right offer could sway them. Ecstatic … read more

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Process & The Customer Experience: Taking Your Business “Outside-In”

This post was originally published on the iDatix Insider’s Blog.   As organizations we have become crippled by our internal processes. We’ve become so entwined in what we do day to day we’ve forgotten why we exist–to serve our customer–to give them … read more

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6-Sigma and DMAIC from the Customer’s Viewpoint

The goal of 6-Sigma is to achieve consistent, reliable, repeatable performance in areas that affect effectiveness and efficiency. Effectiveness measures meeting the customer’s needs or wants and efficiency measures the cost of meeting customer needs or wants.  Let’s go through … read more

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5 Ways How to Improve Your Customer Experience

Creating better customer experience can be very cumbersome or very easy depending on how complicate methods, systems or ideas you want to use. Below are some ideas for you, how to improve customer experience through changing your business processes.   … read more

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How to Apply BPM to Streamline Customer Communications Management

No More “Game of Telephone”:   7 key steps to designing a Centralized Communication Platform    The retail sector has experienced dramatic change in recent years.  With the growth of online access, mobile platforms, and the widespread use of “apps”, … read more

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Is there a REAL VALUE in BPM Certifications?

Over the recent past, one interesting trend that I have observed is the increased focus on BPM Certifications from all perspectives: Customers implementing BPM solutions ask for BPM certified consultants / practitioners; Product vendors are bringing out different levels of … read more

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If a tree falls… a comparison to BPM

tree - BPM Leader

If a tree falls in the middle of the forest and no one is around, will it make a noise? The obvious and first answer is of course, it will swoosh as it falls, the wood will crack and pop … read more

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