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5 Things Every Executive Should Do to Build Customer Experiences

There is no substitute for leadership. If executives won’t care about the customers of a company, no one will. And this includes also the self-fallacy of already being customer-centric, since only very few companies really are. So, what are the five key things every executive should do to build customer experiences of a company? Continue reading read more

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What is Keeping the Boardroom Up at Night?

Understanding the Executive Perspective Breaking news…executive leaders typically do not reveal publicly the problems that keep them up at night.  The competitive corporate environment mimics realty TV requiring careful navigation of political, regulatory and cultural constraints.  The ever increasing speed … read more

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Presentation vs. Content: What Matters Most to Executives

A collaborative team of employees, consultants and leadership work into the night to prepare a presentation for an executive meeting the following day.  This story plays out regularly in business environments where teams face the challenging decision, “What do the … read more

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Driving the Organization through Business Process Frameworks

Integrating business process management into an organization can take various approaches and appeal to different perspectives throughout an organization.  Unfortunately, organizations are either too loose or too rigid from how they apply process principles to sustainably drive business performance and … read more

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