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BPM and ERP in a Single Company: Myth or Reality?

What’s the use of BPM for a company that has already implemented ERP? Is a BPM system really needed in this case? It is difficult to imagine a company operating without an ERP support. However most companies that have implemented … read more

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BPM and ERP: How to Integrate? An Analysis

While discussing an engagement with a client project manager, there was a question about how the BPM approach would work with ERP. The client project manager went a step further. He asked if I have a guideline on when and how to … read more

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Is ERP a Ready Made Meal in the Supermarket of Process?

There’s still a great appetite for ERP tools despite the fact that they’ve been around for quite some time. To me an ERP system is like a ready made meal – packaged, pre-processed and on the outside quite a nice idea. … read more

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Enterprise Software Project Failures

We have all heard stories about Enterprise Projects gone bad. A current story follows. IDG News Service (Boston Bureau) — The U.S. Air Force has decided to scrap a major ERP (enterprise resource planning) software project after spending US$1 billion, … read more

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Unscrambling The Process Technology Puzzle…

This post was originally published on the iDatix Insider’s Blog.   Mapping, Modeling, BPM, ACM, ECM, ERP It seems these days if something doesn’t have an acronym then it doesn’t deserve a place in the business world. Over the past 20 … read more

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How ERP and BPM Can Co-Exist Together

In this post, I will discuss how an ERP application and a BPM product can co-exist together with each piece catering to their strenghths. ERP or BPM? I had read the post by my fellow blogger Anders on whether BPM … read more

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BPM follows ERP – are you serious…?


What do you think is the best implementation order of BPM and ERP solutions? Should we implement BPM after a mature ERP implementation? Or should we do both in parallel? The abovementioned question was raised on LinkedIn – in a group called … read more

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BPM and ERP: Why Fight a Battle?

ERP and BPM - BPM Leader

Why fight a battle? The only casualty is the customer’s confidence… Common logic tells us this is wrong.   It is quite common hearing business users complain about the ERP deployment (always in rigid and single approaches). Normally, all user demands … read more

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