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Enterprise Modeling Space: Perspective on Enterprise Architecture Modeling

Enterprise Architecture Modeling enables both IT and Business people to build blueprints which will provide valuable insights between strategic plans and operational execution. Just as a builder needs a building blueprint to start the construction or to renovate, every organization … read more

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How ERP and BPM Can Co-Exist Together

In this post, I will discuss how an ERP application and a BPM product can co-exist together with each piece catering to their strenghths. ERP or BPM? I had read the post by my fellow blogger Anders on whether BPM … read more

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Will 2012 Be “The Year Of Living BPM”?

Living BPM

MDM, Governance and Validation Challenges Your host started his IT career at IDC, in the previous millennium.  Working for IDC gives one a perspective on analyst relations with vendors and end-users.  Analysts are little bit like movie reviewers — they … read more

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