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BPM Makes Employee Professional Rather Than Stressful

Have you ever been thinking about reasons about your work stress? Sometimes employees have burnout syndrome which causes them to resign or to work inefficiently. If your organization ‘has’ stress, productivity drops and if you don’t notice it, you can have … read more

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How to Counter Employee Resistance to BPM Initiatives

We know that people resist change so the obvious strategy to decreasing resistance is to minimize change and make the change transparent. Let’s take a virtual tour of an organization. You are a consultant with a mandate to increase staff … read more

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4 best practices in Creating an Interface in BPMS

Typically, when it comes to choosing BPMS people usually take into consideration factors like: functionality, customization , integration, reporting, price etc. They mainly aim to match requirements of  business users, management and IT department. But even if all of those … read more

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Outsourcing Cartoon of the Week: Morale

BPM Leader - pencil

Every week a new outsourcing cartoon. This week: Morale. Sometimes we get our speedboats moving forward so fast we fail to realize that our wake is swamping boats to our left and right. The best managers communicate to their people … read more

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