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Knowledge-intensive BPM and Dynamic Process Modeling

In the previous post, titled “Dynamic process modeling (part 2)“, we touched upon the possibility of modeling dynamic processes with the use of BPMN. We demonstrated the performance of one or more iterations of particular tasks or sub-processes modeled within … read more

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Dynamic Process Modeling (part 2)

The previous post, titled “Static and dynamic processes” (part 1), touched upon the division of processes into static and dynamic processes, as well as the risks involved with the static modeling of processes which are in fact dynamic in nature, … read more

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Static and Dynamic Processes

The standard, textbook division of processes is to divide them into main (primary) processes, supporting processes, and management processes. This division is a good illustration of the significance that the particular process groups have in business. It enables us to … read more

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Dynamic BPM ― a Definition

Dynamic business process management (dynamic BPM) is a solution which enables enterprises to react to ever-changing conditions of operation (both interior and/or exterior) and cater to the individual needs of their clients in a timely fashion (and even provide a … read more

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