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Dynamic BPM ― a Definition

Dynamic business process management (dynamic BPM) is a solution which enables enterprises to react to ever-changing conditions of operation (both interior and/or exterior) and cater to the individual needs of their clients in a timely fashion (and even provide a … read more

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Can 2 plus 2 equal 8? Process Mining and dynamic BPM

Traditional, static process management, in which process executors are expected to accurately execute optimal (ideal) processes prepared by the management, is no longer sufficient in the times of hyper-competition. There are no ideal processes anymore. The pace and the unpredictability of … read more

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What is BPM?

What is BPM? Business Process Management (BPM) includes three equally important pieces: Management philosophy –  A top down vision and approach emphasizing process innovation and optimization through greater visibility into and control over policies and procedures. Methodology – A set of business … read more

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8 Steps for Adjusting the Pace of Implementation

Could Infants Reach the Summit of K2? Large ICT and implementation projects require large amounts of resources and are often associated with a high risk of failure. Their level of complication is most often considered to be the cause of this … read more

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BPM as Kaizen 2.0 ?

The organizations that will truly succeed in the future will be the organizations that discover how to tap people’s commitment and capacity to learn at all levels in an organization. [Peter Senge, “The Fifth Disciplin”]   Large projects require large … read more

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How to Determine the Depth of Process Identification?

  The Process Relevance Criterion.   Issues around process identification The first practical problem which arises in the course of process identification rests in evaluating the adequate depth of process description. Too much attention to detail is time inefficient and results in … read more

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