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Must-Have Roles in BPM for the Interaction between IT and Business

Everybody who has worked with Business Process Management will have heard and used Process Owners as an integrated part of  Business Process Management, but probably only very few will have heard of a not very often used role: IT Process … read more

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BPM System Architecture (part 2)

In my previous blog post, I wrote about Process Data versus Business Data and the importance of background recovery processes. In part 2 of this blog, I will go into more detail on BPM Portals, Versioning and Exception Handling in … read more

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BPM System Architecture

The BPM System Architecture is the workhorse of an organization’s BPM vision to fulfill its strategic BPM needs and objectives. This article aims to provide insights into the BPM System Architecture and how it should be devised and evolved to fully … read more

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Is Agile Software Development working in BPM?

Business Process Management is probably the first area where Software Development is almost entirely ‘Agile’. In the past few years we have begun to question the validity of relying too much this approach. Also, there is a very interesting post … read more

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What is Most Challenging in BPM Design and Development?

Challenges for BPM Professionals

I am using Cordys as a development tool. I found it’s a challenge to understand a business scenario and design the business process accordingly. I am working as a senior developer in my team and most of the time have … read more

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