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Process vs Data Driven UI: Both require exquisite UX

There is a prevalent concept in BPM UI that you can either have data driven, or process driven User Interfaces. When engaging with customers I hear the following types of comments all the time: “ we don’t really have a … read more

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Gaming for Reality – Can BPM be Fun?

I’m reading Jane McGonigal’s book – Reality is Broken, if you are a Gamer or you’ve never understood why people “waste” their time on Games, I suggest a free read of the Kindle sample. Besides giving comfort to me as … read more

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3D Printing & the Engineering Design Process

3D Printers have been around for years.  However, they seem to be the hot topic of the year.  So, what kind of impact can they have on the engineering design process? The engineering design process can vary from company to company.  … read more

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How do We Deliver Consumer-style Experience while Optimizing Process?

Its been a while now since I have last posted about BPM and User Experience. Over the past 5 months, I have been busy helping customers around the world optimize their business processes while at the same time ensuring that … read more

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How Process Actors Look at Business Processes

In my previous article, I presented the idea of 3 views of the same process. Surely you can identify more, depending on the case. I’d like to enforce the concept that the actual work done by the process are the … read more

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Different Views of the Same Process

Different views impact Process Analysis and Design. When in the requirement phase, the analyst will not only work with people that have a general understanding of the process, but will also have to interview different actors of the process in … read more

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Asking the Right BPM Project Questions

From an article by  Janne Ohtonen @ Business Coach published on August 9, 2012 on BPM Leader: Starting a business process management project and choosing the right BPMS system can be a quite tricky thing to do, especially if your organization does not … read more

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