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Why Companies Should Focus On Customer Experience More?

Have you seen companies that are doing quite well currently, but who are not focusing very much on customer experiences? How about your company, is it doing ok, but not focusing much on customers? You might even think that customer … read more

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In the game of BPM, if you’re not outside-in, you’re out

Unlike baseball, where the rules say “three strikes and you’re out”, if you are practicing BPM, you could be called out before the game starts if you’re not simultaneously practicing outside-in. The thing is the playing field for BPM has changed … read more

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Job Shop Operations – How to meet customer deadlines

Everyone agrees, it’s a zoo. No amount of “readiness” can avoid the peaks and valleys that are the result of customers popping in with “urgent” requests, customers who submit change orders covering work already completed, and a seemingly endless range … read more

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Improve the People, Not the Process

Process Improvement Isn’t so Hard: It really isn’t difficult. We do it for a living and after a while it becomes second nature. I guess there are only really three or four rules anybody needs to know to improve their … read more

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