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Portugal Telecom BPM webinar: slides & recording

We were delighted to be part of the BPMLeader.com webinar with our customers, Portugal Telecom, earlier this week. Gonçalo Mendes, Head of Retail Development & Optimization at Portugal Telecom, shared his BPM story with the audience. One way we can summarize it … read more

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Messy processes – Messy customer experiences?

messy process office

Yeah, I am sure you have heard it at least once in your life: “Sorry, it is against our policy”. Lately I have head too many times “It is against regulations”. How is it against regulations when others are doing it? Nah, it is just a easy escape from offering bad customer experiences. How many companies actually mix bad internal processes with regulations? Quite many it seems! Continue reading read more

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Business Process is Dead: Long Live Customer Journeys!

Over the past year it has become increasingly noticeable that organisations no longer wish to talk about Business Process. It’s too inward focused, too biased toward internal activities and too reliant on driving operational efficiency with little regard for customer … read more

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How Positive Customer Loyalty Trend Can Save Your Business?

Let me ask you, do you know how loyal customers do you have? Are you using for example Net Promoter Score to measure the number of loyal customers? If not, then you are driving blind! Any company that knows their … read more

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Why Companies Should Focus On Customer Experience More?

Have you seen companies that are doing quite well currently, but who are not focusing very much on customer experiences? How about your company, is it doing ok, but not focusing much on customers? You might even think that customer … read more

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How to Test the Pulse of your Processes and See if they are Still Alive!

Many processes are like zombies. They wake up in the morning, brush their teeth, take the train ride to work and start working. For four hours they check their emails, put of fires and curse the work they do. Then, … read more

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Get inspiring ideas on customer-centric process leadership

Business Process Management (BPM) is about managing everything that is done in an organisation to provide successful customer outcomes (hence it is a customer-centric effort). You need a plan, which includes a description from the organisation regarding how it will … read more

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Why Does Customer Experience Matter?

This video explains why customer experience matters and why you should think about it when designing your business process management initiatives.     Customer experience is really important, so the question is: how can you design your processes to support … read more

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How Salty do you Like Your Coffee?

When I was a student I worked in a coffee shop. It was a great job, friendly customers, lovely employees and a fantastic boss. There was only one problem. Occasionally there was a bit of a mix up at the … read more

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Three Key Factors to Achieve Process Excellence

One huge obstacle for achieving process excellence is working in traditional, functional specialist siloes. This article explains what are the three key factors for bringing those functional siloes together to advance process excellence. This article is based on experience acquired … read more

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