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Why Use a Smarter Process?

There is a BPM evolution that has emerged with the advent of Mobile, Cloud, Complex Event Processing, the latest business process should use many of this advantages. Amazon, Apple and Netflix provide the customer satisfaction benchmarks to which banks must … read more

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Customer Centric BPM

I have written several blogs about customer touch points. I am dealing with one of those home warranty companies to get an appliance repaired. I have arranged the repair online – which I like – but I want to ask … read more

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Fixing BPM – In the transition to Customer-Centricity – why have processes at all?

It’s time to make the distinction that unless you have a process that is fully automated, your customers, suppliers or other stakeholders may want/need to receive information or provide input at virtually ANY step along an organization’s processes. Clearly, you … read more

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How Social Media and BPM Enable Customer Centricity

Social Media is both a threat and an opportunity Organizations are traditionally used to being in control of customer interactions and have long built IT systems that push messages to the customer. It is clear, however, that social media and the … read more

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The Top Six Reasons for Process Improvement Initiatives

This post was originally published on the iDatix Insider’s Blog.   “From little things, good things grow” they say – but when execs sign off on expensive process improvement initiatives (let’s face it, few of them are cheap!) what are … read more

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Disruptive User Experience: Being a BPM Thought Leader (part 2)

“The conscious purpose of science is control of nature; its unconscious effect is disruption and chaos.”  – William Irwin Thompson. As promised, Part 2 of this article is meant to discuss several strategies about how to effectively manage disruption when … read more

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10 Steps to Achieve “Outside-In” Capability

Synopsis In the previous articles we have reviewed the global business transformation underway and how Advanced BPM is helping notable organizations assert their leadership. In this final article we’ll look at the ingredients of success and ten best practice ‘how … read more

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Does Your Business Have IT?

Do you have IT? She has IT and he has IT and they have IT, but that guy over there does not have IT. In businesses, some businesses have IT and other businesses say “Shhhhhhhhhhhh”, we don’t have IT. So … read more

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Customer Centricity, Zen and Business Processes

customers and BPM

Synopsis In Part 1, 2 & 3 of this six part article we reviewed the factors driving transformational change and how the old ‘inside-out’ approaches to business is about as useful as a steam engine in getting to the moon. … read more

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