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Get inspiring ideas on customer-centric process leadership

Business Process Management (BPM) is about managing everything that is done in an organisation to provide successful customer outcomes (hence it is a customer-centric effort). You need a plan, which includes a description from the organisation regarding how it will … read more

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Become a Winner with Customer-Centric Process Leadership

Janne Ohtonen has published a new book called “You Think You Are Doing Well? Become a Winner With Customer-Centric Process Leadership!” which looks into business process management and leadership from a fresh perspective. The world is full of recipes for … read more

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Customer-Centric BPM

Companies are concerned about shrinking volumes of business, stiffer competition and every more demanding consumer expectations which have increased pressure on the bottom line. Successfully managing the value chain across the life cycle of your customer is essential.  Business processes … read more

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Why do BPM projects fail?

failing BPM projects

In my journey in the world of BPM over the past several years, I have seen many BPM projects fail. And today as I analyze the cause for these failures, a few unexpected ones stand-out… But before I get into … read more

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